What is Metacraft?

Metacraft demo introduction
Metacraft is a Metaverse protocol based on Minecraft.
We make Minecraft connected to the blockchain, making it a truly decentralized metaverse by developing asset protocols.
Eventually extend the protocol into a general metaverse protocol.
The protocol has the following features and more:
  • enable the tokenization and exchange of Minecraft’s in-game assets
  • bring Minecraft community together to build a multi-worlds game
  • build a gaming metaverse where both skilled players and game creators can earn deserved values
  • give general on-chain digital assets a virtual space to be alive
  • most importantly, cultivate a DAO-based community to govern this Minecraft metaverse.
With Metacraft, we want to free the creativity of the Minecraft community and introduce them to the wonder of the crypto world. Also in return, let crypto assets find their value in the virtual world.