🎟️NFTs as Tickets

In the world of Metacraft, NFTs can not only be viewed, but also used as tickets.


We hope that the role of NFTs in metaverse is more than just viewing. For example, hosting shows, playgrounds, conferences in metaverse. In these scenarios, it is often necessary to verify the identity of visitors.

NFTs as Tickets allow creators/organizers to link NFTs with the economic ecosystem.

How it works

As the owner of the venue, you will be able to set up some NFTs as entry tickets.

The ticket inspector NPC will ask the visitor to show him any NFT that allows entry. A cool feature is that the author of the venue can place a "sign-in wall". In this way, all NFTs of visitors will be displayed on the wall.

Introduction Video

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Use it now

  1. First of all, based on land rights management, your land cannot be destroyed by others by default.

  2. You can then wrap the premises with suitable materials so that no one else can enter the premises.

  3. Next, set up an NPC that will verify who holds certain NFTs and teleport those who pass the verification into the venue.

  4. Finally, don't forget to set up a "sign-in wall". It will be very convenient to show people entering the venue with their "avatar NFT" displayed on the wall which looks professional and cool.

Currently in the beta phase. If you want to have such a scene, please contact us and we will help you build it all 😄

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