What is Metacraft?

Metacraft is a Metaverse protocol based on Minecraft. We make Minecraft connected to the blockchain, making it a truly decentralized metaverse by developing asset protocols. Eventually extend the protocol into a general metaverse protocol.

Why use Metacraft?

  • NFTs come alive. All NFTs will have specific uses in the world, like paintings, tickets, skins, buildings, etc.

  • Creativity to earn. No learning required, build buildings and circuit structures just like in reality.

  • Truly decentralized protocol. From web3 identities to asset protocols are designed to be as open as possible.

  • All are equal. You don't need to buy any NFT or Token to travel the world.

How does it work?

  • We hope build full stack of metaverse protocols from the bottom up.

  • To achieve the vision, it will be executed in two milestones.

  • The first stage is to build a Mainland world, which is the first implementation of the Metacraft protocol. And gradually open the asset protocol.

  • The second stage is to open source all SDKs, developers can create parallel worlds without permission, and players can travel freely.

Why hasn't Metacraft issue Land yet?

We don't think there's a better #Metaverse game than #Minecraft, the granddaddy of open worlds. But conceptual fit doesn't equal vision, and there's a long way to go to make MC a true metaverse.

It's very easy to issue land, and it can be done in about a day with plugins, which is why many projects are selling land to achieve P2E. But this is meaningless, the world is still centralized, the blockchain has even become a cheap recharge tool for GameFi.

Some metaverse projects use land as a kind of entry ticket to the parallel world, trying to rely on the co-branding effect to make it a scarce resource, which is indeed a great attempt. However, the binding force of the protocol itself is limited (the fork threshold is comparable to ERC20), and it takes a long time to achieve brand consensus.

What we're going to do is deeply customize the MC, the land is part of the world. It's just one part of the metaverse assets, along with skins, buildings, and NFT items. This will be a full set of protocols based on MC for the metaverse. Therefore, we need to implement it step by step according to the roadmap. It is not the right time to issue land at this stage.

Where did the idea for Metacraft's logo come from?

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