๐ŸŽฎBeginners Guide(Old)

Action and Control


Move Forward


Sprint/Swim (if in water)

Double tap W or hold W and Control

Move Backward




Move Right





Left Shift

Move Camera

Mouse (move your mouse up to look up)

Attack or Hit

Left Click

Break (Mine) Block

Hold down left mouse button

Use/Interact/Place Block

Right Click

Switch Perspective


Open/Close inventory


Open Chat


Open NFT Panel


Action Emote


Voice Chat


Menu/Close GUI


Throw/Drop Item



  • From the start of the game, you can see nine special inventory slots, called your "hotbar", but you also have more slots which are normally hidden.

  • As you pick up items, the first few appear in your hotbar slots, but once those are full, they go into the 27 slots of your main inventory.

  • At any given time, one of your hotbar slots is "selected", and the item in that slot is considered to be "in hand". You can click left or right to interact with what is in your hand (usually the left button tends to destroy, and the right button tends to interact)

  • You can press keys 1 through 9 (or use a mouse-wheel if you have one) to choose which hotbar slot is active, thus you can quickly switch among up to 9 handy tools or other items.

  • To get at the rest of your slots (and the beginnings of crafting), press E to open your personal inventory.

Looking to the right, you can see an image of your inventory screen.

  • Area 1 is four slots for any armor you are wearing -- these can each contain only an appropriate armor piece, for helmet, chest, legs, or feet.

  • Area 2 is a little image of your character, showing their current appearance.

  • Area 3 is your "offhand slot". In general, you can "use" any item in your offhand, as long as neither the item in your main hand nor the block you are looking at has a "use" feature.

  • Area 4 is a 2ร—2 arrangement of squares. This is your inventory crafting grid. Here you can take some of the items you've collected and turn them into new items.

  • Area 5 is the Recipe Book icon, which provides assistance with remembering and using crafting recipes (see its page for full details).

  • Area 6 is your main inventory. You can drag items around from these slots to your hotbar and back.

  • Area 7 is still your hotbar


The synthesis grid in the inventory can only be used for the most basic synthesis

If you want to craft more items, you need a "workbench"

How to make a "workbench"?

  1. Find any tree and destroy it with your bare hands or with a tool to get a "log".

  2. Take a single log of wood and put it in the crafting grid. The output slot then shows a stack of four matching wooden planks, which you can then take.

  3. The output slot then shows a crafting table, which you should take

  4. Put on your hotbar, and place down in the world to begin more advanced crafting.

  5. Having placed the table, you can right-click on it to open a UI similar to your inventory, but with a 3ร—3 crafting grid. This lets you do many more recipes.

Here is a list of how the most common and important tools are synthesized:

NameSynthetic RecipeExplanationMaterial


Mines stone blocks faster

Sticks + Planks/ Cobblestone/Iron Ingots


Mines wooden blocks faster. Can be used as melee weapon that deals more damage than sword, but is slower and loses 2 durability when hitting a mob instead of 1

Sticks + Planks/ Cobblestone/Iron Ingots


Use to change dirt to farmland, and can break leaves and hay bales faster.

Sticks + Planks/ Cobblestone/Iron Ingots


Mines soil type blocks faster, including sand and gravel. "Use" (right button) to change grass into a path


Fast weapon with decent damage

If you want to know more crafting recipes, you can check: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Crafting

Food and Hunger

The ๐Ÿ’— icon on the left is your health. The right ๐Ÿ— is your satiety

  • When hunger is at 18(less than 9๐Ÿ—),your health regenerates. If it falls to 6๐Ÿ—(less than 3๐Ÿ—), you lose the ability to sprint. If the hunger bar is at zero(0๐Ÿ—), your health depletes.

  • The primary drain on hunger is from healing damage, and for quite some time, eating is your only way to heal damage! Fighting, sprinting, and jumping are also energy-intensive.

Show off your NFT

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