What are the problems we want to solve?

We want to eliminate two issues:

  1. Inequalities in the Minecraft community

  2. Inadequate value proposition of crypto assets

Minecraft community has massive creativity but...

The relationship between player and game creator ought to be simple: Players enjoy the game and the game creators get paid.

However, this is usually not the case. There's always gonna be a centralized intermediary platform shows up in between.

Platforms provide services to players and game creators in return make a profit from it. This works at the beginning of the web2 era but with more value being tied up with these platforms, they start to abuse this relationship and get greedy with the profit that they can squeeze out of the players and game creators. In the end, people who spent effort on game playing and creating are getting underpaid and gradually lose their interests. Communities die and platforms move on to their next target.

In the case of the Minecraft community, numerous community members have contributed so many plugins, mods and custom features. The gaming experience of Minecraft has been leveled up so much all thanks to these developers. However, they end up do not get rewarded and right now the Minecraft community is dying.

We, crypto folks, see this as a sin of the web2 schema but thankfully blockchain tech has offered us a solution.

Crypto assets are wonderful inventions except...

Crypto assets offer better liquidity and true ownership.

However, not being recognized by most authorities and political parties gives it less space to survive.

Most of the fungible tokens are seeking their value through community consensus or platform governance but do not have application scenarios to be consumed.

As for non-fungible tokens, aesthetic and social identity functions are the current major value supports.

These are reasonable directions for the crypto market to grow but they are too narrow to unleash the full power of blockchain technology.

With this context, Metaverse has become a trending topic in the crypto space. Many believes that there will be a multi-worlds enabled virtual space that will give all crypto assets a comfy habitat. We also have the shared vision and even further, we want to make it happen.

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