Other Worlds

The role of Mainland World in the Metacraft universe is mainly an example to all game creators. With the support of Metacraft and creativity, anyone can build other types of Minecraft worlds. Game creators can freely define the game rules in their world, as well as its economic system. Here are a few ideas for reference:

  • One Piece World - in this world, there is a golden chest with 1 million USD in it; the first player who finds it will get it; players and alliances in this world will be charged with a fee; the fee will be deposited into the chest smart contract to further accumulate the final reward

  • PUBG World - this world has the similar game rule as the well-known PUBG game; players and alliances from the Mainland World can jump into this world to have an exciting battle contests

  • Art World - This is a blank world for players to build art pieces and construct architectures, which can be tokenized as assets for sale

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