Assets Portability

Assets portability enables players to transfer their on-chain assets into Minecraft worlds; and also the other way around. This incurs two problems: how to tokenize in-game assets and how to import on-chain 3rd party assets into Minecraft worlds.

Tokenize In-Game Assets#

In-game elements that could be tokenized includes but are not limited to

  • Skins

  • Items

  • Lands

  • Constructions

  • Player EXP

Metacraft protocol will provide a toolchain that helps players to tokenize these in-game elements. The generated tokens will be compatible with ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 protocol so that all assets based on this standard can live in the game.

Tokenized assets can be traded in on-chain marketplaces. Although this may not make sense for all types of assets (low-value assets do not worth trading), the free market itself will adjust the liquidity for all assets and eventually grow a high-efficient economic system.

This toolchain will be built in the form of Minecraft mods and plugins with easy-to-use API and proper documentation.

Compatibility with 3rd Party Assets#

Giving the existing on-chain assets, especially NFT assets, a scenario to make them alive in the virtual world is one of the main initiatives of this project.

For this purpose, the Metacraft protocol will provide an NFT converter that can extend popular NFTs and make them available as in-game assets. For example

  • Cryptopunks and other profile photo based NFTs can be converted into the player's skin

  • Loot NFT can be converted into the player's dressable items

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