Economic System

Play-to-Earn is a new concept that is trending in the crypto space. Although it is attempting, many have argued that Paly-to-Earn model has sustainable issues.

We would like to take a different approach: instead of asking game creators to incentive players with tokens; they should focus on building a fun game and a proper economic design that can nudge players to trade with each other.

In the case of Mainland World, players will also be able to earn real-world values through skilled playing, whereas these values won't be provided by the game owner but generated from the assets exchange between players.

All in-game elements in the Mainland World are owned by the players. This includes skins, lands, items, constructions, even the Exp.

Players are free to trade these elements as assets in the in-game exchange. Instead of playing alone, players who trade with each other will have a better experience when playing towards their goals. We can even foresee in-game professions to be derived from such a mechanism.

For example, a player can be a professional constructor who builds fancy houses and make money out of it. How cool is that!

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