Game Design

Metacraft team will build the first Metacraft-based Minecraft world, named Mainland World.

The original Minecraft has already provided multiple levels of gaming experiences, including social, farm&mine, build, and battle.

With Mainland World, we want to provide a more delicately designed gaming system that guides players to find their own virtual life track based on their personality.

With this principle in mind, in the Mainland World, we will extend the original Minecraft game with two features: Character Enchant and Alliance.

Character Enchant#

Character Enchant system is what makes each player unique in the game.

Different players may have different passions in this world. Some may enjoy being a farmer who raises animals and grows crops, while some may prefer to be a warrior that conquers on the battlefield.

Character Enchant system enhances the player's property with regard to the life track the player choose. This way, players will have "professions" that make them good at gaining a certain type of resources or items. Players with different professions can trade their resources with each other to get what they need.


Having the Alliance system is the key to guide players to socialize with each other.

Players that share similar interests can gather together as a recognized alliance. Under the collective sense of honor, players' stickness to the game can be improved and each player can get a better sense of accomplishment.

With the Alliance system, the setup of an alliance will be along with a cost, where players will need to work together towards a shared goal for building and growing their alliance.

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