$MCS Distribution

Metacraft has not issued any tokens for the time being, please do not trust the token address of any unofficial channel.

We will issue tokens at a more opportune time, but not now.

By the end of the day, MCS should be distributed to the users of the Metacraft protocol, especially those who made contributions to the construction of the Metacraft protocol and community.

Based on this principle, we have made the following arrangement to the $MCS token distribution:

  • There is a total supply amount of 1 billion $MCS tokens

  • Metacraft team reserves 20% of all $MCS tokens for covering the cost of developing the Metacraft protocol and building the Metacraft community

  • The rest 60% of $MCS tokens are allocated to a smart-contract based community treasure, which will be distributed to the community members who make contributions to the Metacraft ecosystem

Here we wanna give a brief introduction to how these two parts of tokens will be distributed.

Metacraft Team Reserves

This part of the tokens is for the Metacraft team to cover the development cost.

No more than 20% of all tokens will be used for fundraising from investors who recognize the value of Metacraft in the early days.

The remaining 20% tokens will be allocated to the Metacraft protocol developers to compensate for their work.

Regardless of how tokens in this part will be used, they will be locked in the beginning and vested linearly on a quarterly basis over a period of 2 years.

Community Treasure

The community treasure will eventually be managed by the Metacraft community, with an $ MCS-based decentralized governance system.

In addition to $MCS, tokens "profited" from the usage of the Metacraft protocol will be stored in the treasure as well.

The function of the treasure funds may include but is not limited to:

  • support game creators, plugin and mods developers

  • incentivize game players

  • cover the cost of operations that grows the ecosystem, such as marketing activities

Prior to the launch of the community governance system, the Metacraft team will take the lead to manage the funds in treasure, all operations of treasure tokens will be based on the principle below:

  • All operations of treasure tokens will be published and open to the community

  • The returns of all types of treasure token sales will be deposited back into the treasure

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