Cross-World Interoperability

With universal identity and assets portability, game creators can already provide channels for players to move their assets between gaming worlds and the crypto world.

But is it possible for a player to bring his/her kick-ass sword from one Minecraft world to another and maintain the same level of ass-kicking?

This is the exact type of problems we aim to solve with cross-world interoperability.

Metacraft protocol will provide a Multi-Worlds protocol which is used to describe how two different Minecraft worlds can be interoperable with each other.

In practice, Multi-Worlds Protocol is a permission system that each Minecraft world creator defines for their own world.

Multi-Worlds Protocol will provide a series of permission parameters for world owners to adjust. To give a few examples:

  • World A can choose to accept the playerโ€™s EXP gained in world B

  • World A can choose to not accept a specific item player gained in world B

  • World A can enable the player to migrate their items from world B to world A (burned in world B and mint in world A)

  • World A can choose to accept the player's token gained in world B with a conversion ratio fetched from an external oracle

To make the cross-world experience more interesting and accessible to the player, instead of letting players quit the game and login to another server, we will build an in-game portal that players can jump into to go to another Minecraft world directly.

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