Governance Token

Metacraft has not issued any tokens for the time being, please do not trust the token address of any unofficial channel.

We will issue tokens at a more opportune time, but not now.

Metacraft Community will (eventually) be a DAO.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, aka DAO, is widely recognized as the alternative to the centralized protocol in the web3 era. In a DAO-based community, rules and decisions are no longer made by a central authority but proposed from the bottom-up and confirmed with community discussion and voting.

This is the exact form that we want the Metacraft community to be.

We envision Metacraft to become a community-driven protocol that can provide similar service to Minecraft players and game creators just like the centralized protocol does now.

Resources and "profits" generated from the usage of the Metacraft protocol should be collected by the community as a whole and should be returned back to the community to facilitate its growth.

To realize such a community, we will build a state-of-the-art decentralized Metacraft governance system, in which, $MCS will be the governance token that empowers the Metacraft community to grow and makes its members become the owner of it.

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