"Profit" Model

Another thing worth mentioning is that a fee will be charged from the users for their usage of Metacraft protocol.

Please note that this is not the profits a game owner/creator earns from its players. Gaming world creators can freely define the economic parameters of their game (e.g. payment tokens and fee mechanism) and in return shall take the responsibility for not harming the gaming experiences

"Profits" would be coming from the following usage of the Metacraft protocol:

  • Tokenize in-game assets

  • Import 3rd party assets

  • In-game assets exchange

The above only shows options of mechanism Metacraft may choose for "profiting". The final mechanism is yet to be determined but no matter what it will be in the first place, community governance can change it later or adjust its parameters.

All proceeds will be fully transferred into the Metacraft community treasure, which will be managed by the Metacraft community through a proper decentralized governance system. Treasure funds will be managed by Metacraft community and will only be used for the benefit of the Metacraft community. This is why we put a quote symbol on "profit".

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