👏Install and Login


  • Visit metacraft.cc official website to download Launcher

  • After downloading, install and open

In Windows, directly open the downloaded .exe file

When the installation is complete, a shortcut will automatically appear on the desktop. Double-click to run it.


Please make sure you have Metamask installed on your browser, or a crypto wallet that supports Wallet Connect on your phone.

You need to have at least a crypto wallet, we currently support ETH and Polygon networks.

If not, check out: How to install and use Metamask?

  1. It will automatically jump to the web page. Follow the prompts to connect the wallet and sign (if you encounter obstacles, please refresh the page and try again)

  2. The first time you log in, you need to complete the registration information. You can set your nickname (support ENS), favorite food, skin. Click Confirm to complete the registration

  3. Jump back to Metacraft Launcher

  4. Confirm login

Wait patiently for the game dependencies to be installed 😄

Start the Metaverse Journey

  • After opening the game, select "Multiplayer" Tips: In Options, you can switch Language to your native language

Have fun in the world!

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